Friday, May 1, 2009

A Tooth

I think we have a tooth! Not certain because it is just a small white point, similar to a needle, but at 15 months, I think we have a tooth! This is probably because I told the Plunket nurse, who was going on about enroling Luke with the Dental nurse, that I didn't see the point yet because he had no teeth. When will I learn to nod and keep my mouth shut?!


Nan P. said...

Whey hey! :-)

Unknown said...

That is so funny! Nate was 16 months old and still no teeth. I asked our dentist if I should even bother bringing him in with the other kids and he said, "sure I"ll take a look anyway and see what's going on" And whatd'ya know...a few weeks later thar it was. I thought the same that a tooth? But lo and behold...(finally!)

D4dad said...

We have teeth too.23 mths and lots of teeth.two front ones on top that look like cricket stumps.. Some are like little rocks on a ragged coastline and then big boulder type ones in the back.My lily's only problem is she wont be using them for a good few years as she's peg feed for the forseeable future.but the sign of her first tooth was as big a celebration as her sitting up and the rest of her new challenges she's got passed.Anyway,good to find your bloggs at last and great to read about lukes tooth.Many more to come so keep your nose away from his mouth. i hope you dont mind me replying as this is a first for me as ive only figured out how to do it.cheers D4DAD