Sunday, May 24, 2009


Here are some photos I took a couple of weeks ago of Luke and Em at therapy. Luke was working on some drawing, and Em took over the other side, and they were chatting to each other around the corner of the board about their drawings. Very cute. They both love drawing.

Mum making Luke look at the camera.

Busy drawing.

Practising standing to strengthen his legs and lower back.

Luke loved this and was feeling very pleased with himself :)


Nan P. said...

I can't get over how much progress Luke seems to have made in such a short time. Or is it just me thinking this?

Mel said...

It is not just you Nan P. He is just flying along, and the difference seems to be the quality of intervention he gets at the Champion Centre. He also has heaps of stimulation from his siblings, (not all good!) and is a really motivated wee boy. I am VERY proud of him, and also thankful. It helps heaps that he has not had any major health issues to date either :)

TJ said...

I can't get over Luke's drawing - I am very impressed and looking forward to receiving a drawing from Luke one day. I think Mel you should take a photo of some of Luke's art work and put them on a canvas (or some other photo shop tool). I would be a buyer for one!!

Beth said...

What a great artist! He's really going at it! That's terrific!