Monday, July 27, 2009

Emily's first day at kindy

Emily is now a big kindy girl. She started last Tuesday, and goes for 2 hours, three times a week. She is so proud of herself, I think because now she has her won thing. Ben has school, and I call Luke's therapy centre his school, so now she has something important too. She was a bit clingy and had a wee cry when I left her on the first day, but was very excited when Daddy, Ben, Luke and I all arrived to pick her up.
The second day was even smoother, with no tears, and she is rearing to go today, which is a good sign.

Monday, July 20, 2009

18 Months Old

Luke when he was brand new.
Now that he's a used model :)

Showing off!

Yesterday, Luke was 18 months old. And how cute he is. He is progressing rapidly at the moment, despite another cold which has gone to his throat. So now old ladies say "Gosh, he's chesty isn't he? You should take him to the doctor- he needs antibiotics." However, I have had him to the doctor a million times already, and his chest is clear, it is just phlegm in his throat, and sounds like Darth Vader when he breathes at times, but IT IS NOT A CHEST INFECTION!!!!Anyway, that rant aside...

Luke is now pulling himself to stand, and cruising along the furniture. He is able to ride his rocking horse, and lean over to carefully fall off when he is finished. (I put him on it.) He attempts to move his ride on, but has limited success. He can make great car noises when he is on it though! He can walk pushing his block trolley. He can pull himself up in the kitchen to interfere with the microwave. He pulls himself up at the toilet (ewwwww!) but is not yet able to reach the toilet paper (yay!) to unravel and eat it. Paper is one of his favourite foods.

Communication wise, he is doing well too. He signs several words, such as bird, duck, fish, finished. He says many more, including no (of course!), hello daddy, I did it, I got it, and many more. He says 'star' and twinkles his fingers to request a rendition of his current fav, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. His previous favourite Row Row Row Your Boat has been surpassed for this now. He loves to dance, and his signature move is the "Stevie Wonder", where he lies on his tummy with his arms out to the side, and weaves his head from side to side, just like the man himself.

He is a real boy, and loves playing with cars and especially with his brother and sister. This became especially apparent when mum had Ben and Emily for a couple of nights last week to give us a break. Luke, who is renowned for his easy-going and independent nature, was grizzly and had to be entertained. Turns out he is not as cruisey as I thought- he was bored, used to the constant stimulation from the others!

It has been a busy 18 months for us, and there have been a lot of changes, and some grief too. But all in all, Luke is a total joy, and we would not be without him.

We love you Lukey.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Disney Princesses on Ice

Emily and Nana

After the show, in glamorous strawberry fairy dress, but made less glamorous by boring mother who insisted on boots and polar neck for warmth in winter!

Back in June, Mum and I took Emily to Christchurch to see Disney's Princesses on Ice show. And it was the most amazing show I have ever been too. Emily is quite shy at times, especially in new situations, and wouldn't go near poor mum for the first half. That all ended at half time, as she deigned to go with her Nana to choose a princess doll to take home. Little madam!

The show was just outstanding. We had good tickets, not in the first row, where the audience got to interact with the characters a little, but in the next row which was set further back. Em would have been totally freaked out by them coming too close to her! The costumes were excellent, the set was fabulous, and the whole show was magical. There was one scene from Sleeping Beauty where the dragon is chasing the prince, and they set fire to the ice. It was spectacular. Em took that all in her stride, but the poor little girl next to me was literally screaming and climbing onto her grandad, begging to go home. Two seconds later however, and she was laughing her head off, so all's well that ends well.

If Disney come back next year, we will definitely be going again, and I would totally recommend it to anyone with little girls, or who once was a little girl themselves. Emily says it is not for boys, and was busy reporting any rogue boys she spied to me! (I think this was mainly as she got to come without her brothers, as I am sure Ben would have loved it, even with all the little girls dressed up in their fairy or princess costumes!)
I also need to mention Sarah, whose blog I follow, who goes every year with her mom, and say that I did think of you both, and isn't it funny how this blogging thing works when you are half a world away, and have never met!

Monday, July 13, 2009


I told you we would be celebrating the heart news, and here they are!