Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shaking those Maracas

This is Luke watching a dvd put out by his music therapist. He loves shaking his maracas ;)

If you are interested in the dvd,  you can get them at Julie Wylie Music and if you mention the Champion Centre (which is where Luke attends therapy) $5 from the dvd is donated to the Champion Centre.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dunedin Holiday continued...

Here we are on a winter day at St Clair beach. Someone is not too keen on sandy hands...
...but she is keen on posing for the camera!

Then on to the Cadbury Chocolate Factory...
...where we went on a tour and the kids sulked and squabbled over who had the most chocolate in their loot bags...
...and Luke did a sicky spill all down Neil's shoulder and onto the floor!
So it was not as much fun as it should have been but we still came away with LOTS of chocolate :)

Ben with a vintage van which will be out on duty this week for the Chocolate Festival.

The two littlies all rugged up in the cold!

The steepest street in the world. View from the top...

 We took the car up as I couldn't face dragging the kids up! I was worried that the car wouldn't make it- it didn't seem right- but of course we did. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dunedin Museum

This is a boy who only started walking 12 weeks ago. It is hard to believe! He loved this foot keyboard and we had to drag him away. Too much fun!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dunedin Holiday

Last Saturday I packed up the kids and the car (easier said than done) and took the kids to Dunedin for a holiday. Neil had been in Queenstown for the NZ Primary Principals Federation conference, so he got to have a peaceful bus trip and met us there.
We stopped after about an hour to visit Aunty Robin, now known as Great Aunty Robin, hehe. Then we carried on for just over another hour, where we stopped at the beach to check out the Moeraki Boulders.
My kids love collecting things from the beach. Emily is an especially good magpie. She would bring home armfuls of stuff every time if I let her.
Luke spends most of his time heading for the water. He is such a lemming! All the kids were keen on the idea of a swim, which is lovely in theory, but not in the middle of winter on a 10 degree day!
Ben wanted me to take this photo to show his dad the seaweed. Don't ask me why.
Happy families (wasn't so sweet a few minutes previously after an hour in the car...)
On the famous boulder. I even made the cut, kind of...
Next stop, Dunedin.

Here we are in the butterfly house at the museum. The kids loved it, although Ben was a bit miffed that a butterfly didn't land on him. It would help to stay still for a few seconds if you ask me! Luke wasn't that keen on the butterflies to begin with, and may have attempted to swat them, but he loved the fish and tortoises at the bottom. He wanted to have a swim with them, but his mother wasn't as keen on the idea. Party pooper.
There was also a kids science area there, which we loved. Luke's favourite was the keyboard he could walk on. I had to drag him away.