Monday, May 30, 2011

It's been a big month.

 Easter went down well with this lot. Mind you, who doesn't like chocolate bunnies? The good news was no chocolate on the carpet this year!
 Some people even quite like to eat the foil.
 Is it bad to let your kids have chocolate for breakfast at Easter?
 If so, it's way too late.
 Ben is now at an age when we only get cheesy photos of him, or goofy shots. Not sure which is worse.
 On the easter egg hunt.
 Some people are better at looking than others.

 Guess who loves bubbles?

 And swings?

 Emily started school. It took a few days, but now she's right in the swing of it.

 See what I mean about the big brother?!
 There's no show without Pnch (or Buzz or Woody).
 There was some mischief...
 along with his partner in crime. Weimaraner anyone?
 And we got ourselves into some tricky spots.
 We started kindy. Can't believe he's 3 already.

 Luke started as he meant to go on- throwing sand at the teacher on his first day.
 There were leaves to be tidied.

 And breakfasts to be eaten.
 And things to show Daddy at kindy.
 A dog to wash- notice how Daddy somehow managed to get the boy's head wet too.
And bed time books to read.

Luke also had his adenoids and tonsils out last week. His ears were cleaned out so the surgeon could see in, but no grommets were needed. He's doing well now, but it was a rough few days. So far we're pleased, his breathing is so much quieter, and he is sleeping so much better. Darth Vader has left the building!

Here's hoping the next month is less eventful!