Saturday, June 6, 2009


Luke and I were winging our way to Australia this time last week, for 5 days of much warmer, sunnier weather. We were going to my dad's wedding, and Neil stayed home to look after the big kids and keep up with the washing. As Luke and I were sitting on the beach last Sunday, I got a test from N to say that it was snowing at home! Ben has been looking forward to the snow since we moved here- it doesn't snow where we used to live, so that was pretty exciting and I was a bit disappointed to have missed it. Here are some photos of Luke sampling the beach (literally at times!).


Nan P. said...

The beach sure looks like fun! I have never dared taste sand myself... Brave Luke

Cheri said...

Cute photos! I forgot that our summers are your winter and vice versa... happy first snow fall Ben!!