Sunday, May 17, 2009

Guess Who's a Big Boy Now?

I came into the living room the other day to give Luke his dinner. If the big kids are eating at their little table, Luke usually he sits in his pod seat and I spoon feed him, and then he has some of what the rest of us are having as finger food. Otherwise we are all at the table together, and Luke sits in his pod on the table. Well, the other day, here he was...

wondering where his was, and why he didn't have a chair!

Nothing like motivation to get you pulling yourself up on your knees!

So I got him the third chair we had, and away he went.

I couldn't believe it. He ate half of a roasted potato, but put the last piece on Em's plate, and swapped it for a piece of meat from the casserole! He is so clever :)
The big kids have to watch their plates now- it's all fair game as far as Luke is concerned!
But where did my baby go?


Nan P. said...

That is brilliant! Go, Luke, indeed the force is with you!

... or at least hunger and the need for food... ;-)

Cheri said...

oh look at him , sitting there like a big boy! So cute!! :)