Friday, December 26, 2008

Luke's First Christmas

This is Luke having Christmas lunch in his new seat Nana gave him. I love it as the tray is just the right height for him- in his high chair he can hardly see the tray because it is so high. It is also helping him with his sitting- not Luke's forte because he likes to be on the move. He loves it!

The parts for Emily's bike were delivered to Nana in Christchurch, and arrived here at 10.30pm on Christmas Eve, just in the nick of time! A terrible photo of Em, but you get the drift :)

So all in all a very Merry Christmas!


Nan P. said...

Mel, I am sorry if I repeat myself, but Christmas photos full of summer sunshine...! I am definitely on the wrong side of the world.

Luke looks like he is enhoying himself. Such a little cuttie!

Glad the bike parts arrived!!! Santa could not let her down, could he?

Cheri said...

Is that a Bumbo chair Luke is sitting in? Reid loved his...I really think it helped strengthen his tummy and back muscles and he sat so much better on his own on the floor after we got it. :)

Happy New Year Mel!!! :)