Friday, December 5, 2008

Breast is Best!

I have been attempting to give Luke a bottle a couple of times a week for the past several weeks, just to have the option of leaving him with someone else from time to time. He had been very reluctant, and the most I have been able to do is to get him to chew on the teat. He gets a tiny bit of milk in his mouth, and lets most of it dribble down his chin. Hopeless!

Yesterday I had an appointment, and so left Em and Luke with Gail. I left his food, a water cup, and the bottle, thinking he would be more likely to try from someone else.

While I was away, Luke had decided to guzzle not one but two bottles- and looked as though he had been on the bottle his whole life! Little monkey!

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Cathal's Mammy said...

I gave up with the bottle very early on...Not worth all the hassel of expressing and washing bottles....bah, I've enough to do! But Cathal is now a dab hand at his cup, he only spills a tiny bit....I'm off, boob no longer needed :-)