Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Madness!

I have just been trying to sort out a near disaster. We have got Emily a trike for Xmas, and being organised, Neil got it out to assemble it last night. Bit hard with no nuts and bolts in the box, and it had no bell. Have been madly trying to get Toy Planet to send us the pieces, but a bit hard this late, and being so rural. Plus the lady on the phone has to get the boss to OK sending us the bolts from another one, and he is out! Useless.

She assured me that I am the only person who has had this problem. Do I feel any better? No I do not. There is not much solace to be found in the fact that my daughter is the only two year old who is going to be getting trike components for Xmas. She is good at puzzles but not that good! Imagine: "Here you are Emily. This makes a lovely tricycle. See if you can put it together now. There's a clever girl. There's a trick to it!" Ridiculous.

Worst comes to worst I will send Neil to the bike and hardware stores for new bits, and bill them. Who needs the stress?!

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Nan P. said...

Mel, I am sorry but I was laughing reading your post... Amazing that this kind of things happens anywhere in the world! Not just in the Northen Hemisphere...

As for the "interesting puzzle", remember that most children end up playing with the boxes...

Still, I agree with you, MAD!