Friday, September 3, 2010

The Tooth Fairy Pays Her First Visit

Ben has had slightly wiggly teeth for a while now, but being a bit of a wimp like his uncle (not naming any names David!) hadn't really had much of a go at getting any out. The Dental Nurse gave him a check up at school just a couple of weeks ago, which he passed no trouble.

Then I discovered his next tooth had appeared behind the front bottom baby teeth. Nice. I have a shark for a son. So the front baby tooth must go, I told Ben. I had a go myself but no joy. We decided to wait for Dad to get home with the pliers and promptly forgot all about it.

The next day Mum came to look after the kids while I went to work. Except they were all sick, so I stayed home and she helped me out. In the afternoon I went to the supermarket alone (bliss!) and got a text from Mum. The tooth had come out and there was a need for tooth fairy funds!

The story goes like this:

Ben has a book called Goodnight and Thanks for the Teeth which contains a list of prices the Tooth Fairy pays for different types of teeth, taking condition into account. For example a clean incisor is worth $2, where a dirty one is only worth $1.50. There is also a list of conditions of removal, for example money off if the tooth is lost in a skateboarding accident, or extra money if it comes out by being attached with a length of cotton to the door. Ben, being the shrewd businessman that he is, but also not brave, decided that the $2 was sufficient and the ways to get more looked too painful for him. So he got a tissue, gave the tooth a tug, and out it came.

So here he is minus his first tooth. You can see the new one in behind, so no real gap.

So the tooth went under the pillow that night, and in the morning it was gone and a $2 coin in its place. He came running into our room all excited, because he saw a tooth on the floor and thought the Tooth Fairy had dropped it by accident. Turned out to be a shell!

He rang Nana to tell her the good news, and told her all about how he'd seen the Tooth Fairy flying around his room because he was only pretending to be asleep, and how her wings were shiny and see-through.

He has imagination, that's for sure ;)

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Nan P. said...

Those are WOW photos!

Nice one Ben, very shrewd indeed, evaluating pain vs. extra cash. He will go far!

I like the idea of that book and the various reasons for the rates.