Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Luke has suddenly become a big boy with big boy tricks ;)
When I took off his nappy tonight, it was full of sand! I don't know what he does in that sandpit, but an awful lot comes inside. So I decided to give him a quick dip in the sink, as it was so warm in the living room with the fire going and he doesn't sit down in the bath any more.
The camera smile :)

Who's been into the cereal then?

Good thing his big sister and Ella are good at cleaning up.

The worst part is that he was singing 'rub a dub dub' which is the song I sing when I wash his hair... Some serious decontamination required after this! Should be a good photo for his 21st birthday.


Nan P. said...

The last photo reminds me of your "blocked toilet incident" some times ago...

I know it might not be funny for you, but I think Luke is a very funny boy. And I love the "camera-smile-from-the-dip-in-the-sink" photo.

Go, Luke, go! :-)

Anonymous said...

How cute can this guy get ?????
Just love the photos !

Anonymous said...

Very, very, very cute!
He is so happy looking and clearly determined!

Cyndi said...

I am theadoptive Mom of a almost sixteen year old son who has Down Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. It is amazing to see that your son can sit on the floor doing the splits. too. Yes my son still does that at this age. He can sleep that way as well. They are very special boys.

Cheri said...

Oh Boy...that looks familiar!! :)