Sunday, September 6, 2009

Therapy Part Two

After working on his communication skills with the cards and matching the pictures to the cards etc, Luke took himself off to M, the Early Intervention Teacher. He plonked himself into the seat, and was ready to go. I was still asking L some questions at the previous 'station' and Luke had already started by the time I caught up!

Here he is practising his drawing. He is also learning to draw dots and lines 'up' and 'down' the page.

Luke is also learning to open lids- fine motor as well as cognitive development. Look out mum! I love the look of concentration on his face here.

Luke is working on the concept of things which are the 'same'. He does this by matching the card with the picture when we do our sign work, and again here where he finds the things which are the same.

He is also working on sorting objects by size. He can already stack objects, and is now learning to slot the cups one inside another. This is currently one of his favourite tasks.

Luke is learning to sort shapes here and is getting better each time. He also does simple puzzles and other activities. He loves working with M and this is one of his favourite times during therapy. He just loves the challenge and always tries really hard to have a go. He is a quick learner and I am always so proud of him when we have finished our day.

Next moved to the Speech Language Therapist. We discuss any feeding issues, but we don't have any. Luke eats 1-2 meals off a spoon, has finger food for snacks and feeds himself dinner, so no worries there. I tell her about Luke's new words for the week, which this week included "Chris", 'grass' and "Ella! On your bed!" Ella is our dog, and that is what I probably say the most! She also gives me ideas for how to continue this good work and anything else which arises.

Then we work with P the physio. I need to check with another mum before I post a photo as her child is in it too. At the moment Luke is working to strengthen his core, as preparation for walking. He walks behind a trolley and cruises around furniture. He has recently learned to ride a ride on, and this will help with the core strength too. We also have lots of 'horsey rides' with Dad as the horse, play with the swiss ball, bounce on the tramp and have him walk as we hold his hands.

Luke is doing really well, and he loves his therapy sessions. I am sure it is the highlight of his week, and he is always asleep before we hit the road on our way home.

So thanks ladies for all you good work with our Luke Skywalker, and all the fun you have doing it. I can't tell you how much we all appreciate it.


Kimberly said...

It sounds like he is doing an awesome job! I am so impressed with the therapies you have for him.
We we so excited when our oldest (Ds) started learning how to do things like open jars. Now, he has no use for me and I can often find him in the morning sitting on the kitchen floor enjoying a bowl of applesauce that he opened and poured himself. Which sounds cute, but the mess and his attempt to clean up that mess isn't always so cute. :)
Way to go Luke!

Nan P. said...

Hi Mel,

I am working my way through all the posts on the blogs I follow... Amazing the amount in about 2 weeks!

It sounds to me like Luke is a very clever little boy. I love his enthousiasm. And what a busy session this seems to be. You must both be exhausted by the time you are finished! Do you both take turns driving home??? LOL

You asked me before about people I met at the world congress: I did meet people from NZ, but though I had written my alias on my badge below my real name, this did not register with these particular people (however, it did with others, which was kinda cool). But I saw a lot of people walking around with NZ T-shirts, and with so many people in the place, I got to actually meet only a fraction of those I intended going up to.

All in all, it was an incredible experience.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled upon your blog.... what a fantastic job you and your son do together! I have a 4 mo old with DS and had a couple of questions about therapy. If you haev time, would you email me at eburhans at Thanks!