Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Last visit with Dr Phil

Yesterday Luke saw the paediatrician he has had since he was born for the last time before we move. He had the usual weight and measure, and he had put on over 400g since the last visit 2 months ago and grown 3cm in height, which is good. He had been slipping down the percentiles, but now that he is eating more solids, he has leveled off and is now following the curve, which is great. Dr Phil was pleased with how he is progressing, and still cannot hear any sign of a heart murmur, which is a good sign, but as his ASD was so large at birth it is unlikely that it has closed completely, so he has recommended that Luke have another scan once we are in Christchurch. He also had all his blood tests done, so we will have the results in a few days. Hopefully there is nothing to find there.


Nan P. said...

Overall, sounds good!

Isn't it amazing how we can celebrate so easily? So I hope you went and celebrated this visit! :-)

Mel said...

Thanks Nan P. You might like to have a look at this NZ forum I have discovered- set up by a mum of an 8 month-old girl with DS. www.community.upsideofdown.co.nz. I have found it really good.

Nykie - Mistral Photography said...

Just a wee correction. www.upsideofdown.co.nz :)