Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Emily

Yesterday my little girl turned 4, which I can hardly believe. Just a year until school. She's getting so grown up! She was born on Easter Sunday, and was such a good baby.
Here she is just a few hours old.

And here she is after her first bath at home.

Her 1st birthday
On her 2nd birthday. We're still on the fairy thing ;)
Making cupcakes on her 3rd birthday. We're still on the cupcake thing too!

And opening some pressies on her 4th birthday, yesterday!
Yes, she did manage to blow them all out first try!
About to eat a kitten...
Happy Birthday Emily!


Kimberly said...

Happy birthday to your own little miss!

Nan P. said...

happy birthday Emily.

The cake looks sooo nice!