Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Luke!

More interested in the paper than what's inside!
The demo from the big brother.

Having a real go outside with the big sister. A fairy dress is suitable attire for all occasions, apparently.

The end result. This treatment leads to smooth, shiny hair I am told.
Happy birthday Lukey!


The Sanchez Family said...

Happy Birthday Buddy!!! Joaquin is right behind you turning 2!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Luke! Enjoy your bath! ;)

My name is Sarah said...

haaa I love the pictures. Happy, happy birthday Luke!!!

Unknown said...

mel, Vince wanted to kow if it was a boob or belly in the 2nd preggy photo, he reckons you'd get more hits if it was a boob!!

Mel said...

Vince of course it was my belly- you've met me, how could you think otherwise???

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Luke!

Nan P. said...

Happy Birthday to Luke.

And Happy Birth Day to you Mel ;-)

I love the "end result" photo. Can you tell me where I too can get this special treatment?

As for the fairy dress, I agree. This little women has a lot of fashion sense!