Wednesday, December 23, 2009

He's Busted!

Last week school finished for the year, so all of Ben's exercise books came home. I was looking through his story writing book, and started laughing. He had written this story BEFORE his birthday.

It's spy time at my house because we need to find ort (out) wate is in the farmes bag. This is wate I know. A gun. (Emily had got him a nerf gun.) My sister told me. Finding ort (out) wate is in yore present is pritye nortye (pretty naughty) and the secret present is in the boat with a blanket on it.

So no, his sister cannot keep a secret, and yes his present from us was in the boat with a blanket on it. Little monkey! Safe to say, the Christmas presents are not in the boat, and are already wrapped so even if the 'spy' does find them, he will not know what they are!!

His teacher must have been laughing to herself, and she never let on!
The photo shows what was under the blanket- Lego! Yay!