Monday, December 28, 2009


Lucky Luke with his new trampoline from Nana
What? A wot wot?

Emily with her new bike and a large, noisy accessory.

The princess

Christmas Day was absolutely sweltering! 32 degrees here and not a breath of wind. Luke, the baby who won't sit down in the bath, was not only sitting in the paddling pool, but he was standing at the edge, and diving in face first over the side! I think I might need to take the shampoo outside...
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas :)


Sharon said...

Gee, that is hot! Merry Christmas to you too. Looks like everyone had a great day.

Brandie said...

How fun to take a swim on Christmas! I hope Luke likes his trampoline. I've been thinking about getting one for Goldie, but one of my kids is accident prone, so I'm still not sure.

Nan P. said...

32 degress...? For Christmas...? Can I come over next to you next Christmas?

I was in France for the "festive" season and it was quite cold there, came back for the New Year to an Ireland as cold as I'd left it - would you believe it, below zero here every night for 3 weeks! What I would not give for summer heat right now.

Looks like a great Christmas.