Friday, November 6, 2009

The Beginning of the Barbecue Season

Last night we had our first barbecue tea. I defrosted the sausages and had the chops in the microwave and decided to bath the kids before we ate, as Neil was going to cook the meat when he got home. Ben and Emily were all excited to be having sausages (!) for tea.

When the time came for the meat to be cooked, I overheard Ben excitedly telling Neil that we were having sausages. To which Neil replied, "No, we're just having these chops. There aren't any chops". Cue Ben's exclamations of frustration and disgust: "But I hate chops and MUM said we were having sausages". "Well there are no sausages here Ben". At which point I piped up that we were having chops AND sausages, which were on the bench, ready to go. "No they're not" said my ever-loving husband. I cast a disbelieving eye over the bench, ready to blame him for a poor effort in looking, but no sausages.

Then the penny dropped. That b****y dog! We all race outside, to discover fragments of plastic wrap and polystyrene all over the lawn, but not a scrap of sausage anywhere. I hate that animal!!!

Luckily I had more in the freezer, so all's well that ends well.

On a similar note, I have had Emily scrubbing coloured pencil off my window sill this morning and Luke throwing nutella sandwiches across the kitchen, and it's only 9.30am!

Oh, and earlier this am, Neil turned around and there was Luke, standing in the middle of the floor, standing up all on his own! We have no idea how he got to that position, but he can obviously do it, sneaky little monkey!

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Anonymous said...

This has to be the most interesting blog spot ever ! Always a surprise in every post! How does Ben regard Ella the sausage thief now ?
I always wondered how long it would be before Luke "showed his hand" and stood by himself !
Go Lukester.