Monday, October 12, 2009

Sick Kids

Luke testing the dirt- I don't know what is up with him but he's always doing it!
Helping Dad in the garden.

We have just started school again, after the holidays. Emily was sick in the week before the holidays started, with the flu. Then Luke got it, and ended up being admitted to the hospital to be assessed for pneumonia. Luckily he did not have that, but came home with some antibiotics as a preventative measure. Then Ben got a fever and cold and a sore throat. That turned into strep throat during the week, so had to take him to the dr while we were away and get antibiotics for him. Next Luke got a fever again. Took him to the same dr, who was not convinced but took a swab just to be sure. Guess what?? Luke has a strep throat too, so more antibiotics for him. Then I got it- such a sore throat and a fever. And of course on a Sunday, so off to the after-hours clinic for me, and more antibiotics for my strep throat. So Ben's are 4 times a day, Luke's 3 and mine twice a day. All I am doing is giving medicine, working out who is due to have medicine, and who has had it already! And we have been exposed to the chicken pox, so that will probably be next. I don't think we had a single day with everyone in the family well.


Sasha@ Blyssfulhealth said...

Ugh that sounds rough with all of you so sick. Hopefully you all feel better soon. We just all got over a cold a couple of weeks ago, luckly not antibiotics. Sending hugs!

Nan P. said...

Luke makes the dirt look appetising!

Hope you are all coming out of the "sick" times soon!