Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sick kids again

What a nightmare. Since my last post, we have continued the theme of sick kids in my house. Ben got a fever again and was home from school on Tuesday. Took him to the doctor on Wed and he had his strep throat back. So 10 more days of a different antibiotic for him. The doctor also swabbed Luke's throat, and we got the results on Thursday afternoon. His strep was back too. So 10 more days of antibiotics for him too. My sore throat was back too, so off to the doctor for me, as the long weekend was coming, and I didn't want to be paying another small fortune if I got sicker then.

Then we had the paediatrician for Luke- a regular check- on Friday afternoon. He passed with flying colours, and all his blood tests came back clear, which is great news. We are still waiting for an exact measurement on the size of the ASD- just to see whether it is now so insignificant that we can leave it forever, or whether he needs a further scan when he is 4 to keep an eye on it. Either way, I'm happy. Other than snot and a weird viral rash, he was fine.

Cue Friday night, when after his antibiotics he started vomiting. Great. Poor little boy had a very gurgley tummy, but once it was empty he slept through the night. Yay! Shame his brother and sister did not oblige. So off to the emergency doctor on Saturday for a change of antibiotics. I wrote Neil a list of what had been going on and sent him. I think I have had my fill of doctors lately. The guy he saw has a 17 year old daughter with DS, another of those weird coincidences :)

Luke was all better yesterday, and with diminishing snot levels. Someone has to keep Kleenex and the local doctors in business ;)

Here's hoping for a week free of doctors!

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Nan P. said...

Oh the joys of being a parent! ;-)

Joking apart, I hope everyone gets better soon. You are getting into spring time now, right? That should help... I hope!