Monday, February 23, 2009

Upside of Down

There is a fab NZ website called Upside of Down, which I have mentioned before. It offers an online community where parents (and friends, family and professionals) of children with DS can get together, and I have found it really helpful. I have come across several parents who take their children to the Champion Centre there too.

Recently- like yesterday!- a US version opened, and Nykie (the brains and drive behind the whole thing) is keen to find out if anyone is interested in being involved in setting up a UK version. Anyone out there interested? Nykie is able to help out of course.

The NZ site is and the US site is

Well worth a look :)

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Nick McGivney said...

Great site. I'm linking to it right now before I forget. Which I'm liable to do. Just get a cup of tea first. Now... where was I again...something about Lincoln... nah, gone again.

xx Only joking. Linking now!